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DIY Natural Pillow Spray

You'll love this DIY Natural Pillow Spray!


  • 1 oz Witch Hazel or you could also use Vodka or Rubbing Alcohol if you are down with that sort of thing
  • 1 oz Distilled Water OR substitute this with an extra ounce of Witch Hazel to lengthen the shelf life
  • 20-30 drops of calming Essential Oils 
  • 2 or 4 ounce Amber Glass Spray Bottle 
  • Funnel


  • Use a funnel to add the witch hazel, water, and essential oils into your spray bottle.  Tighten the cap, and swirl the bottle around to combine.


To use: Spray 3-4 times onto your pillow before laying down.  This mixture contains approximately 2% dilution rate (when using 24 drops of essential oils), which also makes it safe for spritzing lightly onto the body or pajamas of most adults.  If you would like to use it directly on pregnant women or children, I would recommend selecting extra-safe essential oils and reducing the dilution rate to 1% (12 drops) or less. Click here to read more about child and baby-safe essential oils.